How to Choose Outdoor Sports Field Lighting

Sports Lighting is crucial to the success of any outdoor sports field or Arena where the local environment is sensitive. We can undertake a site specific analysis to check that an existing scheme and take into account the obtrusive light control. Sports floodlighting needs to focus on adequate seeing conditions for players first, but also remain unobtrusive to pedestrians, residents, traffic and limit sky glow.

However lighting is an unavoidable topic. If it is daytime, you can rely on natural light, but if it is night, you must have lighting. Generally, most professional football fields use LED lighting fixtures, which have the advantages of instant lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, and long service life.

Floodlights are now an essential part of home and business security. Flood lighting is now an essential part of security in today’s society, whether used in conjunction with motion detectors or to illuminate gardens at night. Football pitch lighting must meet the needs of the audiovisual media, spectators, professional players, and officials. Another key element of the pitch lighting system is the uniformity of illumination. It can be defined as the uniformity of the distribution of light on a given reference plane. Glare is also one of important factors, it refers to the visual conditions that cause visual discomfort and reduce the visibility of objects due to unsuitable brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time. The football lighting should be dimmed to fulfill different application like competition, training or maintenance purposes. Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light is stated in units of absolute temperature, it describes the feeling or appearance of how warm or cool. CRI represents the quality of light and its ability to reproduce the colors of object faithfully. It is expressed as a score from 0 to 100Ra on the CRI. AIKO provides free lighting designs, also the detailed planning, including the arrangement of lights, the choice of lights, the installation direction of lights and so on. AIKO football lights use high quality LED chips and high efficiency led drivers, and its light efficiency is up to 175lm/w. And it can provide wide optical distribution, there is always a distribution that fit your project requirements, if you need, we can also customize for you.

When it comes to professional football pitch lighting, it’s important to follow the appropriate standards and guidelines. Welcome to contact with us, we’d like to provide lighting solution for your projects.

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