Advantages of LED street lights at night

Compared with the traditional street lamps represented by high-pressure sodium lamps, night street lamps have many obvious and potential advantages.

30W LED streetlighting high efficiency
  1. Light up the city at low cost

Traditional street lamps are quite expensive. With the use of more green energy, many cities have turned to LED lighting to save money and protect the environment. Although LED lighting is more expensive than traditional street lighting, over time, the energy savings will pay off for the city! In the past two years alone, the cost of LED street lighting system has decreased by as much as 50%.

  1. Provide citizens with a sense of security

Highways or busy streets that see a lot of vehicle traffic need bright street lighting. The light needs to be transmitted over a long distance to improve the driver’s visibility and prevent accidents. Road lighting should also be effective in all weather conditions – fog, rain and snow are conditions that affect visibility.

street lighting illumination area
  1. Less heat emissions lead to cool nights

LED street lights help keep the ambient temperature normal because they don’t produce too much heat and ultraviolet light. These lamps do not contain lead or mercury and do not emit toxic gases. Therefore, these lamps are environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional street lamps, LED lamps have lower warmth and keep the environment cool in summer. Standing under the LED street light, you will be safe and will not feel hot.

  1. Reduce the crime rate

It is well known that well lit areas can reduce the possibility of crime. Brightly lit parks or trails can deter criminals and enhance pedestrian confidence. It also helps to provide security for those working at night or returning to the office at night.

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