How should we choose the right LED street light for our projects?

Nowadays, more and more countries begin to replace traditional lamps with LED lights, so the standards and requirements of road lighting are getting higher and higher. How should we make the optics of street lights more perfect and more energy-saving is a question worth considering, and at the same time, we must also prevent the negative effects of light pollution and light waste.

Common road lighting standards

street lighting standards

Main evaluation parameters

Early street lamp light distribution was designed as a “bat wing”type:

-Good illumination uniformity;

-Uneven brightness, zebra effect, visual fatigue.

lighting distribution

Human eye structure and retina cells

Cone cells: mainly concentrated in the center of the eyeball. Each cell is connected to a neuron. It is sensitive to color and plays a major role under photopic vision. Rod cells: distributed in a wide range, multiple cells connected to a neuron, insensitive to color, play a major role in scotopic vision.

The International Commission on Illumination CIE uses the display ability RP (that is, the probability of seeing a set obstacle on the road) to study the influence of the average brightness (Lav) and uniformity (Uo) of the road on the visual function. The experimental results are as follows:

lighting calculation
lighting distribution design

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