A Reliable Outdoor Lighting Solution with Low Wind Resistance

Harmony G3 is an outdoor lighting product designed to withstand varying wind speeds and pressures. The fixture’s Effective Projected Area (EPA) is a critical element in determining its wind rating, which is the maximum wind velocity that the fixture and its mounting hardware can handle in a particular area. The frontal and side EPA of the Harmony G3 varies with its power, with the 600W model having a frontal EPA of 0.14m² and a side EPA of 0.08m², the 1200W model having a frontal EPA of 0.3m² and a side EPA of 0.09m², and the 1800W model having a frontal EPA of 0.38m² and a side EPA of 0.15m².

The EPA wind rating is essential in areas with high wind pressures, such as coastal regions and mountainous areas. The fixture’s weight and EPA determine how much force is applied to the fixture and its mounting hardware in windy conditions. Harmony G3’s wind resistance is engineered to handle worst-case wind conditions, making it a reliable choice for property owners in areas with high wind pressures.

The EPA wind rating of a fixture is a complex technical concept that lighting providers should be familiar with. The lighting provider’s expertise is crucial in selecting and installing fixtures that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The Harmony G3 is designed to have a low wind resistance profile, making it an excellent choice for outdoor lighting in areas with varying wind conditions. Whether you are in a coastal region or a mountainous area, Harmony G3’s wind resistance capabilities ensure that your outdoor lighting will remain safe and functional even in extreme weather conditions.

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