How to choose lighting for sports fields and stadiums?

Have you bought an LED lamp, but suddenly you find that it flickers or glows dimly even after it has been switched off? Don’t worry, this is a fairly common phenomenon that has an easy solution. A small adjustment in the installation is all you need, you don’t have to change the light fixture itself or redo the wiring of the electrical installation. How to do it? We will advise you in the following article.

High-quality lighting of the arena, stadium or field is not only important for the fans who sit in the stands and watch the action of the sporting event. It is also important for the performers themselves, for athletes. Proper lighting leads to better player performances. Whatever sport it is, sports LED lights can turn the event into a phenomenal experience that all participants will not forget. They help to highlight the dynamics of the game and help to make better key moments.

Why are LED lights for sports grounds better than other lighting technology?

Using light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps or halogens brings a lot of negative effects, which you can largely avoid by switching to LED lights. Conventional lighting contributes to global warming and pollution. Some dangerous substances are used in the production of the mentioned lighting techniques. These are, for example, mercury, lead and others. There are no such risks with LED lighting. In addition, LED technology is much more efficient, as it uses over 90% of energy to convert into light and produces almost no heat. This is another significant advantage and at the same time the reason why it is worthwhile to replace the conventional lighting on the sports ground with modern LEDs.

LED lights are more efficient

Another good reason why it pays to choose LED lights for stadium lighting is their efficiency. In fact , an LED light for a sports field can be up to 3 times more powerful than a classic halogen. In practice, this means that a 500 W LED lamp replaces up to 1,500 W halogen. When we recalculate this efficiency to the overall lighting of the sports ground, the energy savings are huge.

Easy maintenance and long service life

We must not leave out another of the leading benefits of LED lights. Professional LED lights for sports grounds can reach a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours . This means that if you use them seven days a week for lighting for 6 hours, you will be sure of the same luminosity of the LED lights for 45 years.

As for the maintenance of LED lights, they do not require any special maintenance. It is natural that any technology can face some problems. However, LED lights have a minimal failure rate , so there is less risk of a malfunction. Of course, every technique needs an occasional revision, especially if it is an extensive lighting system for a stadium, arena, or large field.

What parameters to focus on when choosing sports lights?

There are several important aspects to consider when choosing lighting for pitches and stadiums. These include, for example, the emission angle, light color, color rendering index, luminous flux and other important parameters that are good to think about when buying.

Radiation angle

One of the important parameters for choosing the right lights for the sports field is undoubtedly the beam angle. A poorly chosen radiating angle for lights can result in unpleasant glare and destroy the aesthetic appearance of the sport. In addition, such lights can be disruptive elements to the surrounding inhabited areas. On large playing areas, it is important to create perfect lighting conditions, which can be achieved by careful planning of the lighting and the correct placement of lights, at a sufficient height and with the necessary radiation angle.

Quality and durable lamps

Buy only high-end lighting technology that will not let you down and will work without problems for many years. High-quality LED lights do not flicker, have a long service life and higher efficiency. In short, they work. Also check whether the fixtures are weatherproof. Stadium lights tend to be located outdoors where they are exposed to moisture and rain, which can have fatal consequences for electronics and safety unless you choose fixtures with a higher degree of coverage . Make sure you are actually buying lighting with at least IP65 protection.


LED lights with high-quality electronics and made of durable materials are the basis for successful lighting of the sports field.

High color rendering index

The color rendering index (CRI) measures the ability of artificial light to provide the same color rendering as natural sunlight. A high CRI means that the colors of objects seen under this light are closer to how we perceive them under natural light. Look for lights with a CRI value of 80 and above .

Color of light

When lighting sports halls and stadiums, an appropriately chosen light color also plays an important role. Luminaires with a chromaticity of 5,000 K and higher are ideal for sports venues . Such artificial light color best resembles natural daylight, thanks to which athletes and spectators have a perfect experience of a sporting event.

Glare and lighting uniformity

It is also necessary to take into account the degree of glare, which can arise as a result of too high a brightness intensity. It is measured by the UGR value, and the higher this figure is, the more light glare can occur. Last but not least, think about an evenly lit playing area . This will prevent the appearance of unpleasant shadows that do not look good in the audience or on the athletes on the field.

Lighting control

There are several ways to control the lighting system on the sports field. You can use smart or digital and analog systems that will bring you countless benefits. The brightness of the lighting can be adjusted depending on the stage of the game. You create perfect lighting conditions for every event . Are you holding a concert at the stadium? Maybe more subdued lighting will do. While during a football match, fans want to see exactly the actions of their favorite teams. Then you choose a brighter light for a perfect experience. You can also regulate the light depending on the current weather. You can even control individual lighting sectors. You leave some on, others off.

Plan carefully

Although we have prepared a small guide to the parameters for sports lighting, you should definitely have a lighting project created. You will only achieve a professional result if you plan the lighting with the sports field in mind. We will create a carefully designed and accurate project for you. We also planned and realized many large football stadium over the world. 

Modernize the lighting on your sports field.

Make the most of the sports complex’s ambitions and make it the best place for athletes and fans. Thanks to high-quality LED lighting, you will bring everyone the maximum sporting experience and, in addition, save costs for operation and maintenance. We are professionals in lighting sports grounds. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are going to revitalize the existing lighting technology of the stadium, or if you are planning to build a new pitch. Write to us at and we will attend to you immediately.

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