Comparison of Asymmetric and Symmetric Beams

Asymmetric and symmetric floodlights differ in their light distribution patterns. Asymmetric floodlights use reflectors to direct light to the area where illumination is needed, while symmetric floodlights distribute light evenly in all directions. The use of cutting-edge lens technology allows asymmetric floodlights to concentrate light in a specific area and achieve up to 50% better output utilization compared to symmetric floodlights.

In addition, asymmetric floodlights produce lower indirect glare, making them ideal for use in sports grounds. A graphic illustrates that symmetric floodlights illuminate the whole side of a building, the ground in front of the lamp post, and produce direct upward light and backlight behind the lamp post. On the other hand, asymmetric floodlights only illuminate a specific area just in front of the floodlight, reducing unwanted light spill on neighboring properties.

Asymmetric floodlights are suitable for areas where light pollution and its impact on neighbors are of concern, such as built-up areas, towns, and cities. They are perfect for football pitches, tennis courts, construction sites, warehouses, loading bays, and inner-city retail parks. On the other hand, symmetric floodlights are more suitable for large open spaces, where neighboring properties are not affected. They are ideal for illuminating large outdoor sports pitches and facilities, large building sites, outdoor storage facilities, and open car parks.

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