Tennis Court Lighting

Have you ever think of installing a tennis court in your house? If yes, then you will need equipment like space, rackets, nets, and balls.

But what if you are a busy businessman who is available to play tennis at night time only. Surely you will consider installing tennis court lighting. Below are some ideas for your reference.

1. How to get the right tennis court lighting?

Once you start to consider how to get the right tennis court lighting, you will find that there are a lot of questions to be asked, for example, what kind of light do you need? How many watts should it be? How many pieces do you need? Normally there are electricians nearby who had installed tennis court lighting before. Go to talk to them, they will give you some advice and proper tennis court lighting upon your requirement.

2. How much it will cost? And how to install them?

You can talk to them, they will have advice about proper tennis court lighting for your needs. You can make a detailed purchasing plan list based upon your budget. Have professional electricians come and install the tennis court lighting installation. 

You will have a great place to play tennis day and night. Enjoy it! 

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