5 things to Consider When to Buy High Power Flood Light

1. Heat Dissipation System – Fin Technology

We use high-end fin technology to do most of our products. Good thing of the fin technology is the advanced thermal control. Fin technology reduces the temperature of the light dramatically. It’s very important for the life span of the LED lights. Most of our lights can last 7 – 10 years. Especially for Middle East countries as Saudi Arabia. Under the climate when extremely hot, Fin technology can definitely helps customers to have long lasting lights.

heatsink of G3 sports lighting

2. Lighter, the Better

Compared to the traditional die-casting or extrusion, fin technology can do a lighter light. Which can reduce your installation and replacement cost. Easy and fast. Whether you use them for sports lighting as LED basketball court light, Tennis LED light, Baseball field LED lights, Horse riding light, Hockey or Cricket, stadium lights, we can help you to do a plan.

3. 7-10 Years Warranty

With over 10 years experience in the industrial lighting, we know how expensive it is to replace lights. Much more costy than the light itself.

That’s the reason we consist to do premium quality of lighting. Instead of win the market by cheap price and never receive good feedback from customers, we prefer to have repeat order from the customers who trust us.

4. Aging Test

That’s one of the important thing you have to ask your suppliers before placing the order. How long does your supplier do the aging test.

5. After Sale Service

Good after sale service is also important. Whether instructions before installation, or replacement during warranty period. As a reputated supplier in Europe, USA, Australia, South East Asia, although the lights rare has after sale problems, we will definitely replace if any problems of the light.

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