Light Your Way Home

When you are on the way home, if there is one of the street light is not working, which makes the road not bright enough, or there is a street light keep flicking, which makes you very irritating, what will do you?

Ignore them? But it is on your way home, you need to face this situation very day!

In some countries, if they have a very good government, which you can easy call the road authority and let them to fix this problem, that is okay. But unfortunately most countries’ governments are s**k(er, you know the word).

So, how do solve this problem? The best way is to use high quality street lights at the beginning!

You are a business man, maybe sometimes you need to use very cheap street lights to get the projects, but don’t forget, you also a citizen. Why not make the good street lights light your city much better?

Check AIKO Royal AST04 street lights. They can light your way home for 5 years without few problems with a very high quality.

Below are great features of AIKO Royal AST04 street light:

  1. full wattage: 30w-280w
  2. high efficiency: up to 170lm/w
  3. Global certificates: ENEC, CB, SAA…
  4. IoT solutions: ZHAGA/ NEMA
  5. tool free maintenance
  6. Using famous brand drivers and LED chips
  7. Die-casting aluminum housing, with over-all protection, adapt to harsh environments and stormy weather
  8. adopt overall strcture waterproof design ≥IP66


Contact AIKO lighting now to get the Royal AST04 street light information!

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