Free football field lighting design layout

Football field lighting has its standard.There are several following things that you have to know before you are looking for football field lighting.

First of all, you have to know the size of a football field?

(1)The range of length is from 100m to 110m for the international competition soccer field , and the width is from 64m to 75m , and there is no obstacle at least 5m outside the bottom and the side line.

(2)World Cup field, the length is 105m, and the width is 68m.

(3)Standard football field, the length is from 90m to 120m,and the width is from 45m to 90m.

Football field lighting system is import schedule to all customers according to the regulations of FIFA. We have to consider the illumination level, uniformity and glare control.The audience is to watch the game, lighting requirements are increased with the increase of viewing distance. The degree of glare depends on the density, projection direction, number of lamps, viewing position during the game, ambient brightness, etc. In fact, the number of lights is related to the number of spectators. Usually lighting up the training ground is simple, and the large stadiums need to install more lamps, by controlling the beam to achieve high illumination, low glare.,etc

1. illumination level

Football field lighting is divided into indoor and outdoor. The outdoor, or indoor football field lighting illumination standards are divided into several levels : (1) training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx (300lx); (2)amateur competition 300lx (500lx);(3) professional competition 500lx (750lx); (4)general tv broadcast 1000lx (1000lx); (5) 1400lx (1400lx) for high-definition TV broadcast of large international competitions;(6) 1000lx (750lx) for tv emergency.

2. illumination uniformity

AIKO Lighting’s Football field lighting can emit continuous, bright and evenly distributed light without hot spots. High uniformity of football field lighting for the best viewing experience for everyone (players, spectators and broadcasters)

3.Glare control

There are direct glare and reflected glare.  Usually the direct glare comes from the luminous body directly, and the reflected glare is caused by light reflection from the lamp or other reflective.

There are 3 methods to reduce glare: 1.selecting light-transmitting materials; 2.controlling the protection angle (shading angle), and installing the position of the light source reasonably. 3.To make most of the light on surface come from the proper projection direction is the main method of controlling reflected glare.

Usually the reflected glare can be better eliminated when there are no light fixtures installed above the observer.

AIKO Lighting’s football field lighting chooses advanced technology to get high efficacy and less glare optic performance, there are a variety of light distribution from ultra-small to large angle, suitable for different applications.

TLCI>90, Broadcast ready for >1000 fps, HD| 4K| 8K, enable TV broadcasters to film super-slow-motion replays with a flicker factor<1%

AIKO Lighting’sfootball field lighting is to ensure adherence to industry standards can reduce your costs and energy production and improve nighttime conditions in your community. We offer Free football field lighting design layout,delivering more light, less light pollution.

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