2023 Design requirements for golf course lighting

Golf course lighting design requirements

Modern golf originated in Scotland. Because of its unique cultural connotations, this originally recreational sheep-herding movement has lasted for 500 years and is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Venue area division and lighting standards

The golf course is divided into four parts: the golf course, the level course, the obstacle course and the Green course

  1. Tee-off area: 100 Lux for horizontal and 100 lux for vertical illumination to check the direction of the ball, hitting point and distance.
  2. Level fairway and obstacle area: level illumination 70LUX, fairway clearly visible.
  3. Green: Green area illumination of 200 lux to ensure accurate evaluation of the height of the terrain, slope and distance.

Lighting design requirements for competition venue

  1. Narrowlighting should prevent strong shadows. Wide light distribution garden lights should be used for close-range projection. The lamp is 5 meters away from the ball nail, illuminates from two directions.
  2. Fairway lighting consists mainly of narrow floodlights to ensure adequate vertical and uniform lighting during golf flight.
  3. No dead zones or glare throughout the area.

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