What should we pay attention to in Baseball lighting?

Baseball is a ball game played by nine people in an outdoor field with bats and balls. Baseball is divided into infield and outfield. The regular infield has bases at the four corners. The infield is also called a square. The infield consists of two sides of a key outfield and two sides of an outfield.

Television standards for professional baseball:

The main difference between baseball stadium lighting and other sports lighting is that there are strict requirements for the position of lamp posts and the relative position of the baseball field. There is no clear lighting value requirement in the Major League Baseball broadcasting standard. In the implementation process, the requirement of horizontal lighting is more important. After meeting the requirements of the horizontal lighting parameters put forward by the federation, the TV retransmission effect can be guaranteed very well.

Major League Baseball’s lighting requirements are as follows:

  1. Infield: horizontal illumination ≥2500LX
  2. Field: horizontal illumination ≥2000LX
  3. Color rendering index of light source ≥65
  4. Color temperature of light source ≥3700K

Outdoor baseball field lighting

Baseball field lighting not only in the field, in the upper space of the field should also have adequate lighting, especially between pitchers and catchers in the highlight lighting range. In order to reduce glare interference to spectators and increase the comfort of visual environment, 7M lighting area should be outside the site boundary. In order to reduce glare and increase space brightness, the installation height of lamps in ordinary baseball stadium should be greater than 28m, and the installation height of lamps in large baseball stadium should be greater than 35m. Lamps should usually be mounted with 6 or 8 poles, or mounted on the horse path of the awning above the spectator stands. Light poles should be located outside the main visual area (20o) to reduce unnecessary glare.

Baseball’s infield size is standard, but the outfield size/area varies. Field dimensions include 4.6 m (15 ft) outside area. External areas are considered part of moving areas and should be considered in lighting design. The major and minor leagues extend the peripheral area into the spectator area, which can taper off in the direction of the peripheral area. The lighting area also needs to include the bench area, the dugout area and the warm-up area.

The main problems in the design and movement of existing baseball lighting systems are as follows:

  1. The position of the lamp post is incorrect.
  2. Not enough lighting.
  3. Illuminance ratio (i.e. evenness) of internal and external field lamps does not meet the requirements.

Improper lighthouse locations and lighting aiming points often result in inadequate lighting proportions and poor lighting cleanliness or maintenance.

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