What’s the advantage of AIKO led sports lighting

No matter what kind of sport, no matter what level, from the training ground to the famous arena, our lighting solutions can achieve 100% solution and 100% wait-and-see。

From stadiums to grassroots facilities, we provide world-class LED lighting solutions. Because when the lights come on, contestants, spectators, sponsors and broadcasters are all anticipating the overall performance of the competition. Since any stadium is different, our HD solutions are perfect for whatever your needs are.

golf driving range

Often a major source of supplemental income for many golf clubs. Therefore, high-quality, low-maintenance lighting is critical to maximizing customer service and increasing club revenue. Our proprietary optics extend the range of lighting on the driving range, reducing fixtures and helping clubs save money.

Showjumping, night races, gymnastics, dressage and many other equestrian events

Artificial LED lighting solutions were needed to allow them more time for events and training. This helps them be more flexible with their time and also helps in increasing their income.

There must be perfect lighting that emits the least amount of heat but still delivers high definition and color rendering. The spectrum must remain stable throughout the life of the luminaire.

All at night. With driver safety paramount, the entire track had to be fully illuminated, with glare completely eliminated. In addition, with more and more television broadcasts, only the best and most advanced LED lighting technology solutions can be used for these challenging sports events.

Our world-class motion solutions – at a glance

Our LED technology solutions for sports and stadium lighting combine the smartest luminaire technology with design expertise to meet all the needs of any sporting event.

From day one to the final signing of your sports program and beyond, we can take care of it all.

Experienced interior lighting design and engineering team has deep knowledge and comprehensive expertise to provide perfect, high power, comprehensive turnkey lighting solutions for various sports activities. High-quality solutions, let you get twice the result with half the effort

In addition to design and engineering, our team has unrivaled experience in installation supervision, project management, on-site targeting and commissioning, and troubleshooting, so you can get support on-site, not just on a spreadsheet.

Our production of high powered LED sports lighting products allows us to deliver projects to the strictest specifications.

Whatever the local government or sporting body’s regulations, we know and meet their needs.

We have been developing innovative, sports-specific, high-power LED lighting products to meet the ever-evolving and complex needs of all sports.

Add it all together and you can see why we are the right choice for your next project.

How we can help you achieve your goals

Lighting Design

We hit the target every time. We provide professional lighting design services, starting with the project – for free. Even as your needs change as your project evolves, we are here to help and support you.


No hassle, no wasted time. To ensure your installation runs smoothly, our expert engineers and supervisors can be with you from start to finish. Our installation team has years of experience in motion. So, whatever your installation needs, they can support you at every stage.

Maintenance and Warranty

Protect your investment. The advantage of LED lighting is that it requires far less maintenance. It is important that you protect your investment to maximize longevity and return on investment. So, our lighting warranty is 10 years!

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