Why you have to know the difference between DALI and DALI-2

Why do you have to know the difference between DALI and DALI-2

DALI-2 comes with new and strict interoperability guidelines. Please note that if you fail to identify and comply with the DALI 2 agreement, you may actually lose your official DALI approval seal. The first way to identify it is to determine the difference between the previous version and the new version.

DALI’s approval seal will affect the reputation of your brand. The lack of this seal will seriously damage your brand reputation, which will go beyond dissuasion the buyer.

What is DALI-2?

DALI-2 is the latest version of DALI. It improves interoperability between products from different manufacturers through mandatory certification and provides more features, such as energy data, but most importantly, it includes the addition of control devices that are not included in the original DALI. If all the equipment in a project conforms to the DALI 2.0 standard, the whole system will be more reliable and easy to control, helping to save installation and debugging costs.

What is the change from DALI to DALI-2.

  1. Compulsory authentication.

DALI power and control systems are now certified. However, they should go through a series of test sequences before they can have the DALI-2 logo. Compared with the DALI-1 program, these test sequences are more strictly controlled.

  1. New function.

“extend fade in and out time” is one of the functions and commands of DALI-2. This feature allows you to fade in and out for 0.1 seconds to 16 minutes. Adding control devices to the DALI-2 also allows the DALI-2 system to support a total of 128 device addresses ~ 64 control devices and 64 control devices.

  1. Fixed problems and gaps related to “VI”

DALI-2 contains more detailed specifications and specialized system descriptions. As a result, your DALI-2 system is less prone to failures and misunderstandings because its electrical tolerances have more precise specifications. Stricter testing procedures allow error correction.

  1. Standardized control

DALI-2 added to part 103 of IEC62386 to extend the control device. This part deals with the definition of single master and multi-master and the application controller. In addition, switch and sensor controls are standardized.

Compatibility between DALI and DALI-2.

  1. Can I use the DALI-2 control device in the old system?

Yes, you can successfully install DALI-2 controls on older DALI systems because DALI-2 is specifically designed for backward compatibility.

  1. Can I use the DALI version 1 control appliance with the DALI-2 application controller?

The short answer is yes. Various DiiA tests have confirmed that no problems have been detected after installation. However, you will miss the new DALI-2 feature because the system will run based on the DALI-1 feature.

  1. Can I use a bus power supply that is not certified by DALI-2?

 It is uncertain whether this combination is effective. The bus power supply was not tested before DALI-2. This type of bus power supply lacks the DALI-version 1 trademark.

  1. Can I use the DALI-2 control and the eD control on the same DALI line? The eD control / DALI sensor is not specified. Therefore, the application controller does not recognize them. Therefore, you should not consider mixing them under any circumstances.
  2. Is DALI-2 backward compatible?

Absolutely! One of the main goals behind DALI-2 is to maintain compatibility with existing DALI systems. IEC designed it mainly for backward compatibility. As a result, you can use the DALI-2 control device in the old system and still experience its new features. However, using the DALI-1 controller with the DALI-2 application controller limits your use of DALI-1 functionality-you will miss out on the new commands and features of DALI-2.

Why choose DALI-2?

With the interoperability and standardization of improved control equipment, DALI-2 is undoubtedly the planner of the lighting industry. Therefore, switching to DALI-2 will increase your comfort and flexibility and simplify maintenance and installation.

Here’s how DALI-2 redefines your lighting controls:

Clearer bus power and bus timing specifications will promote interoperability.

Bus-powered units require less wiring and are easier to install.

It is possible to extend the gradient time so that the gradient lasts from 0.1 seconds to 16 minutes.

Multiple logical units that result in more cost-effective DALI components.

Querying the light source type allows you to maintain your DALI-2 system after installation.

AIKO sports lighting has certifications for DALI-2. If you have inquiry for DALI-2 sports lighting.

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