DMX LED sports lighting transforms sports events into real performances

In sport field and national stadium application, DMX dimming is widely used as the dimming energy saving and

Arena colors changeable. This page we’d like to introduce what is DMX and advantage, application is sports lighting

What is the DMX?

DMX512 protocol was originally developed by USITT to control dimmers from the console using standard digital interfaces.The simplicity, reliability and flexibility of DMX512 quickly made it an economically feasible protocol choice. In addition to dimmers, more and more control devices also proved this. DMX512 is still a new scientific field, and all kinds of wonderful technologies are emerging on the basis of rules.

DMX can also be used for RGB or RGBW models. Red, green and blue lights can be built into the stadium lighting. They are expensive, but they can have a great impact on the program and the overall fan experience.

The Benefits of DMX

  • Standardized protocol;
  • Designed for color dynamics, also suitable for sound and shaking head lights;
  • Fast,- it’ssuitable for highly dynamic light shows;
  • OneDMX domain can handle 512 individual addresses;

Addressing is an advantage. One controller can control each lamp or lamp pole separately, but we need to write the program you want in the controller to realize the dimming mode you want.

  • The distance between the controller and the last drivercan be up to 300 meters far.


DMX was originally created for the theater industry and is also widely used for dynamic building lighting. One of the advantages of DMX is its speed – its intensity and color changes can occur almost immediately. With DMX, two-way communication is possible. DMX can be used for automatic addressing and status reporting of connected devices during commissioning. DMX system is particularly suitable for dynamic/color lighting, such as stage lighting or building lighting in theatres.

DMX system is also widely used in sports field. For example, during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, the venue will be rendered with RGB lighting effect. At this time, the DMX system needs to be fully controlled in order to present a gorgeous effect.

In addition, it is only used for white light. According to the requirements of different competitions, the DMX system can adjust the illuminance without changing the number of lamps, so that the competition lights are in a controllable illuminance requirement, and control the output of electricity bills.

AIKO Lighting’s RGB DMX LED sports lighting can meet all needs of various venues, transforms sports events into real performances. Customers can not only choose the DMX/RDM mode for different application, but also customize.

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