Why Indoor Tennis Courts Are Using LED Lighting?

Improved color rendering for TV broadcasts

As tennis has grown in popularity, televised coverage of important matches has become more common. However, poor lighting made it difficult for TV viewers to properly watch the game. LED lighting with a color rendering index greater than 85, such as AIKO Lighting luminaires, allows colors to be seen correctly even during TV broadcasts. These luminaires are designed for 4K and HD broadcasts, so televised tennis matches are no longer an issue.

Increase visibility Improve gameplay

The high color rendering index is not only beneficial to the broadcast, but also beneficial to the players on the field. Proper lighting on the court allows tennis players to perform at their best. It makes the ball easier to see so every shot is accurate and precise.

AIKO Lighting’s LED lighting also reduces the amount of glare on the pitch. This further improves the player’s gaming experience as it prevents errors due to glare.

The lights also feature a range of beam angles, allowing facility directors to direct the light exactly where it is needed on the field to properly illuminate the entire playing field. LEDs are becoming more and more popular on tennis courts because they make the game more enjoyable.

Make the game experience more enjoyable for the audience

LEDs not only improve the experience for the players, but also for the spectators. Reduced glare and proper color rendering reduce eye strain, allowing viewers to watch every action carefully and fully participate in the game. AIKO Lighting luminaires also help ensure the safety of spectators as they navigate the grandstands and steps with proper lighting.

Reduce costs for facility operators

Not all indoor tennis courts host games that draw spectators or require watching television, but all indoor tennis courts require lighting to keep players safe, and lighting can get expensive. A final reason why LEDs are the lighting choice for indoor tennis courts is the cost savings these fixtures can provide. When switching from traditional lighting to LED, facility managers noticed lower electricity costs for the first billing cycle. These lights easily pay for themselves over time. Plus, they last much longer than other lighting options, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Improved lighting combined with an overall lower cost makes LED the logical choice for indoor tennis courts.

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