Benefits of HARMONY G3 LED Flood Light 1800W

AFL09 HARMONY G3 Flood Lighting is an innovative LED stadium lighting solution, supports various intelligent control Bluetooth, WIFI, and complies with lighting standards of various venues. AFL09 HARMONY G3 is specially designed for sports venues, providing excellent light quality, effective thermal management and very good lifespan. To ensure optimal use for both indoor and outdoor court applications, the AFL09 HARMONY G3 can be mounted with a split drive or with an integrated drive. Whether it is a new project can use AFL09 HARMONY G3.


  1. Flexible design solutions to suit different stadiums and high lighting quality – international broadcasting standards for any type of sport.
  1. A single high power IP66 rated DMX/DALI driver enables the HARMONY G3 to be connected to a wireless control system for remote light management.
  1. The best optical technology is used to effectively irradiate the light in the effective place instead of outside. So that athletes and spectators can experience the best visual experience.
  1. Use fewer lights to achieve the effect of the entire venue, without wasting light. Maximize the use of light and reduce costs.

HARMONY G3 can be installed at 0 tilt angle with our best lens technology to control the spill light to ensure that the light is all in the venue. AIKO’s products are very easy to install, and AIKO’s team will tell you how to install each LED floodlight. Each project has a professional engineer to follow up the whole process until installation.

HARMONY G3 can also effectively prevent overflow light by adding visors at the top and bottom. AIKO engineers will use the most suitable LED stadium lighting products according to the actual lighting requirements of the venue. If the site is in a residential area or an area with very strict spill light requirements, AIKO can not only provide you with lighting solutions, but also provide you with customized optics, covers and necessary accessories.

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