What’s the Lighting Requirements for Baseball Field?

Baseball is an iconic pastime — both fun to play and fun to watch.  

In terms of field sizing, baseball is unique in that there are standard sizes, but this depends entirely on the level of play. A little league baseball field will have very specific dimensions and these dimensions increase in size all the way up to college-level and higher. Pole height and position are important factors, seats or bleachers also affect pole placement. And infield footcandle levels must always be greater than outfield footcandle levels.

baseball field lighting

First of all, you need to consider the height of the lighting poles. The height of the lighting fixtures is crucial for illumination of the whole baseball stadium. The design must ensure the lighting pole should be positioned in a way that the glare does not directly enter the player’s eyes.

AIKO also provide solution for baseball projects. If you have complete CAD drawing, it will be better. We will draw the 3D models to simulate the actual outdoor environment. Our engineer team will research it for all the necessary details and give you the best design for baseball stadium.

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