How to choose the best LED street lighting?

Please refer to the following aspects when your project comes.

● Recyclable, tested materials
● Wide enough power range
● Wide optics spectrum
● Replaceable components
● High IP & IK class
● Long guarantee
● Smart City compatibility


Before the LED era, contractors and designers had about 3 to 5 alternative street light fixtures to choose from. Today, there are millions of options, and the number continues to grow as technology and vendors evolve.


At the same time, the bulk of exterior lighting is in public areas and, in many cases, is at the heart of debates about safety, sustainability and environmental issues.

For anyone buying LED street lights, the goal is to find an energy-efficient, sustainable solution that creates safety and appeal. But how to find the right solution among all these alternatives?


How to determine the correct light level for a street?


Exterior lighting is required for many different reasons, including facades, driveways, parks, bike paths and highways. For example, depending on the area, lighting can support orientation, accentuate activity, improve safety, express character or stage activity.


In street lighting, the determining factors you should consider are the volume and type of traffic. These two factors determine whether a street light is needed, and if so, what kind.


In public areas, the amount and type of traffic further determines which lighting class a street belongs to. Municipalities and cities determine these lighting levels at their own discretion based on street lighting design guidelines.


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smart control of LED Street lighting

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