What’s the Difference Between the Tempered Glass and PC Lens for Sports Lighting?

We are always facing the question of which one should I choose? Which is better for outdoor sports lighting? Tempered glass or PC lens?

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages for high power sports lighting, even same for all LED lighting?

Tempered glass:

a. Higher anti-UV grade than PC lens
b. Self-clean. The dusts are easier to be attached on the PC lens, but not so easy for tempered glass
c. Glass could stand for higher temperature
d. It could be used only for COB or the very closed SMD leds on the board. It is not able to make accurate lighting distribution. Please refer to the picture of the Apollo high mast as below. The leds should be very closed.
e. More weight than PC lens. It’s not friendly for high poles which cares of weight a lot.

PC lens,
a. Compared with tempered glass, it’s easier to make accurate lighting distribution and lighter weight.

So it depends on your project requirements, if there is no limitation for weight, the best way is to use PC lens + tempered glass at the same time.

high mast lighting with tempered glass
Sports lighting with PC lens

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