What’s Difference Between Die-casting ADC12 and Extrusion 1070 Aluminum?

Have you purchased LED luminaires before? Have you heard from your supplier about die-casting aluminum ADC12 and extrusion/cold-forging 1070 aluminum? What’s the difference? Which is better?

The following will be your interested.

     1.Features of ADC12-Die casting aluminum

ADC12 is aluminum alloy with purity of 77%~86%, mostly used for die-casting components,cost-efficient and facilitates manufacturing processes.

ADC12 offers good corrosion resistance and outstanding mechanical properties,and it has higher levels of silicon, and lower levels of copper.

  1. Features of 1070 extrusion aluminum

1070 aluminum has purity up to 99.7%, which could be called as pure aluminum.It has higher resistance to chemical corrosion and crack resistance.

When we talking about luminaires, we mostly concern the thermal performance of the heat sink,which is also the main body of the lamp

The following show the thermal performance of ADC12 and 1070 aluminum

Thermal Performance of 1070 Aluminum

Thermal Performance of ADC12 Aluminum

As you can see, 1070 aluminum offer much better thermal performance than ADC12 aluminum alloy, especially the thermal conductivity.

So, when we develop high power sports light, especially the 1200W,1500W model, we always use 1070 aluminum to process the heat sink body.

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