How to Choose Sports Lights for Seaside Sports Fields?

An important factor that has to be considered when choosing sports lights in seaside sports fields is anti-corrosion.

The stadium lighting is anti-corrosion, we must first start from the material. Most stadium lights use ADC12, but the purity of ADC12 aluminum is not high enough. We directly replace the Extrusion1070 material, and the purity of aluminum is as high as 99.7%. The higher the aluminum purity, the less copper content, the better the corrosion resistance.

Then, surface treatment is very important. We directly use Akzo Nobel coating. Akzo Nobel is a very good anti-corrosive dusting.

The heatsink also undergoes pre-treatment – electrophoresis (chromating).

Of course, we will conduct a salt spray test first. Our AFL09G3 stadium lights can pass the 1000-hours salt spray test.

salt spray testing facility
Champion 1800W LED Sports Lighting

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