Statistics show that the size of the global LED lighting market is increasing year by year, and its performance in the field of sports lighting is even more significant. In addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, improving television broadcasts, enhancing audience experience, and reducing long-term operating costs all make it an ideal choice for sports venues when building and renovating.

Compared with commercial lighting and home lighting, the special features of LED sports lighting are: on the one hand, in order to ensure that audiences watch games, TV broadcast games, and other functions, sports lighting must ensure sufficient illumination; on the other hand, in terms of professionalism and extremely high sensory experience requirements, the lighting must be bright but not dazzling, with uniform brightness, and effectively control spilled light to ensure that athletes can complete their games normally.

As the concepts of environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction have taken root in the hearts of the people, in the construction process of sports venues in recent years, LED lighting has begun to occupy the territory of traditional light sources such as traditional incandescent lamps and metal halide lamps. The characteristics of energy saving, long service life, and environmental protection have made it emerging. At this stage, LED has its unique advantages no matter what field it is used in. From a civilian perspective, energy conservation and environmental protection are the topics that consumers are most concerned about. From a commercial perspective, quality and safety are the key factors. From a professional sports lighting perspective, illumination and lighting effects are a must!

The characteristics of AIKO sports lighting are high light efficiency, no flicker, good optical design, energy saving, environmental protection, and long service life. These characteristics make many professional sports venues choose to cooperate with AIKO. After all, only the most professional floodlight can be worthy of professional sports court positioning!

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