Stadium lighting: everything you need to know!

It is a fact that football is one of the most loved sports in the world. There’s no way not to cheer and cheer at the spectacle of a football match! But there are some factors that contribute to creating emotion during the game, designed precisely to make the football match a magical event. One of these factors is lighting. Want to know more about how lighting is planned in football stadiums to improve the experience for players, fans and the press? So, enjoy this article!

There are several challenges that a good lighting project for a stadium needs to take into account. In addition to the most important area, which is the field, conventional, administrative and scenic areas (the one that values the architectural project) must also be taken into account. And to achieve this, the project must ensure that there are no difficulties in identifying players, shadows are created on the field and athletes are not blinded. 

Furthermore, it must be ensured that the floodlights and lamps offer enough light for everyone involved in the match , without it being excessive for the surroundings of the stadium.

  • Administrative and changing room lighting must meet the needs of the people who will use it, however there are no requirements that regulate these spaces. The suggestion is that it should be basic lighting, but that it stimulates the people who work in the spaces and the players before and after matches.
  • For the press area, lighting can also be basic. The biggest concern should be with the electrical partdue to the high volume of equipment. Furthermore, it is a sector that must necessarily be supplied by a generator.
  • In the stands, the most important thing are the emergency lights that must light up in cases of power outages. Corridors must have part of the luminaires connected to a generator to ensure minimum lighting in the event of an emergency. In the boxes, unlike the stands, it is necessary to create more welcoming environments using warmer colors.
  • To work with stage lighting, especially on stadium facades, the best option is LED technology , as it allows greater color flexibility.
  • On the field, the biggest requirement for lighting is to be able to maintain the same lux at all points on the lawn. For this to happen, the illuminance in the vertical plane must be above two thousand lux and, in the horizontal plane, above three thousand and five hundred lux. This way, it is possible to avoid shadows and guarantee fans who are in the stadium or watching on TV a good visual experience,as these values guarantee excellent video quality, even in details of plays.
  • Last but not least is the issue of The lighting system cannot be responsible for obstructing the players’ vision, especially the goalkeepers. To avoid glare, some angles for installing equipment on the roof must be avoided and some heights must be respected.

For stadium lighting projects to be sustainable in the long term, they must choose modern technologies, such as LED , which combines greater energy and light output with lower electrical energy consumption. Initial costs are often more expensive, which may discourage the government or investors, but in the medium and long term they are much more economical.

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