What you need to know about LED rated service life?

The measurement and evaluation of the lifetime performance of traditional light sources have been standardized and have interchangeability. The life of traditional light source lamps can be met by replacing the damaged light source and matching the control device of the lamp designed for 10 years of life. Therefore, the life of traditional light source lamps is generally not evaluated.

The life of LED lamps is related to many factors such as the life of the LED itself, the LED driver, and the environment provided by the lamp to the LED. Moreover, there are many forms of LED lamps. Except for LEDs with standard lamp caps, other LED lamps are not interchangeable. The life of different LED lamps can only be determined through relevant life evaluations.

The rated service life of LEDs cannot be calculated using the measurement methods of traditional lamps. When testing the lifespan of an LED, no one is sitting around waiting for it to stop functioning. So the legendary 50,000 hours is just an experimental estimate of LED street lights.

The reason why the LED is long-lasting is that it does not have the problem of filament fusing. LEDs don’t just stop working, but they degrade over time. It is predicted that high-quality LEDs can maintain more than 60% of the initial light brightness after 50,000 hours of continuous operation.

Assuming the LED has reached its rated service life, it may actually still be emitting light, but only very faintly. In order to prolong the service life of the LED, it is necessary to reduce or completely dissipate the heat energy generated by the LED chip. Heat energy is the main reason why LEDs stop functioning. The life of LED is a theoretical environment. Due to too many external influences in actual use, the life can only be estimated by simulating deterioration conditions. There are many reasons for the uncontrollable environment of LEDs after practical application, such as the stability of driving current, the impact of instantaneous current, the environment and the heat dissipation materials used, etc., which greatly reduce the life of LEDs.

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