What sports lights do stadium lighting experts prefer to use?

AIKO Lighting, a professional sports lighting provider with 12 years of experience, we found that stadium lighting experts prefer to use such sports lights.

With the increasing maturity of LED lighting technology, LED lighting fixtures have unique advantages such as long life, energy saving and environmental protection, no glare, and no flicker. In particular, high-definition TV broadcasts are required for large-scale competitions, so the requirements for color rendering index, illuminance, and stroboscopic ratio are particularly strict, and LED lighting fixtures can easily meet these requirements. Based on the light-emitting principle of LED lights, its advantages are too numerous to enumerate. Obtaining high-efficiency lighting effects with low energy consumption also meets the basic requirements of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. The soft light is more in line with the visual perception of the human body. Contribute to the visual judgment of the human body. As a result, more and more football fields have switched from traditional metal halide lamps to more adaptable and energy-efficient LED sports lights.

The power of the lamps we are talking about is not a simple numerical problem. The quality factors such as different lamp shape designs, chips with different light effects and power drivers will also have an impact on the LED sports lights, sometimes even decisive.

Professional stadium lighting is an important part and content of stadium design, and the systemic requirements for venues are relatively complex, such as the way and quantity of lighting fixtures, which need to be closely coordinated with the overall planning of the stadium and the structure of the stands. In particular, the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to architectural design and should be considered comprehensively. In addition, because the LED sports lighting system is not only more conducive to high-definition TV broadcasting, athletes, referees, and audiences also have high requirements for light. The comfortable sports light environment also improves the game viewing and audience participation.

At present, more and more sports venues lighting have been replaced with more high-quality LED stadium lighting. At the same time, many large-scale comprehensive sports venues have also added smart sports lighting systems, which can realize warm-up before professional sports events, the lighting needs of different links such as intermission.

The “intelligent wireless control system” independently developed by AIKO Lighting can freely switch lights according to the needs of sports venues, integrate information technology and management, improve operational efficiency, and realize real smart sports lighting.

AIKO Lighting, which has been focusing on the field of LED sports lighting for a long time, has won the favor of stadium lighting experts by virtue of years of technical precipitation and patent advantages.

AIKO LED Sports Light Features:

  1. The intelligent lighting control system can be customized, which can realize dimming and remote control.
  2. The lamp adopts modular design, and each module is an independent heat dissipation system with high heat dissipation efficiency.
  3. Optimized optical design, soft light, and anti-glare treatment for optical components to effectively prevent glare.
  4. The drive power adopts well-known brands of Inventronics, Meanwell, and Philips, with built-in multiple protections to make the lamp more stable and have a longer life.
  5. Originally imported lamp beads from Philips and Osram, high luminous efficiency, good color rendering, consistent color temperature, and a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

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