Below are some key terms in sports lighting you may want to know:

L90, L80, L70: The point at which the output of a LED light source has depreciated to 90%,80% or 70% of its original output based on LM-80 & TM-21 projection methods

LED: Light Emitting Diode

LM-80: Approved method of measuring the lumen maintenance of the LED packages, arrays, and modules at various temperatures.

TM-21: Guidelines for using the LM-80 data to estimate the light source lumen maintenance beyond the LM80 test period.

Lumens (Lm): The unit of illuminance in lumen/m2 (1 lux = 1 lumen/m2) Obtrusive Light: The amount of light spill and glare that leaves the premises

Glare: For outdoor hockey venues, a Glare Rating (GR) is given based on a mathematical glare formula.

Glare rating: The degree to which installation is disturbing to a person on or near the pitch.

Average maintained horizontal illuminance (Eh): This is the average quantity of lux over the horizontal playing surface.

Colour temperature (Tk): The colour temperature of the light emitted by a light source (measured in Kelvin).

Colour rendering index (CRI) (Ra): The degree to which a specific light source reproduces a set of reference colours compared with the same colours under daylight conditions. Index measured on a scale of Ra0 to Ra100

Horizontal illuminance: Light incident on a horizontal plane 1m above the pitch

Illuminance uniformity: Two measurements are normally undertaken: Minimum/Average: this is the ratio of the lowest to the average level of illuminance. Minimum/Maximum: this is the ratio of the minimum to the maximum level of illuminance.

Uniformity: Describes how evenly light is distributed over the field surface and is expressed by the ratios of min/max and min/ave.

Quantity of light required (illuminance): This is the amount of light (measured in lux) that is required for the sport to be played.

Switching Modes: Lighting should be designed to include various levels of light that are appropriate to the level of play.

I would like to talk more about spill light. It is getting more and more important. Lighting is now just about the lighting in the sports courts, but also the lighting to the environment.

The provision of sports lighting is usually controversial, especially when the stadium facilities are adjacent to residential areas or are located in particularly sensitive locations. Local consultations should be conducted; lighting suggestions should be communicated to the neighbors as soon as possible so that it is not too late to address any concerns that may exist in the neighbors.
Interfering light is wasted light that shines directly into the sky or beyond the boundaries of sports facilities. Reference should be made to CIE 150 (issued by the International Lighting Commission) or local regulations. High-quality stadium lighting will meet the lighting requirements, and will have an impact on the surrounding residents or services. Many municipalities (places).
Authorities have released a classification of night environment and lighting levels at specific locations. Some have set limits on acceptable levels of interference light, while others may refer to national guidelines. The public authorities can also set limits on the lighting spillage on the roadway or the intensity of the light source seen from the roadway. There are also strict restrictions on lighting in the approach corridors of airports and airport runways. A wide field of view of the surrounding area should also be considered, and shielding helps to protect particularly sensitive viewpoints.

According to our experience, the Illumination of the neighbors area is always less than 10lux. But remember, it is only a data showing in the lighting calculation, in practical application, the environment is much more complicated. If you don’t choose the right product, the performance may be not as good as you expect.

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