What kind of lights are good for badminton court lighting? How to choose badminton court lighting

Badminton is a sport that everyone loves. Whether it is the national fitness movement vigorously developed by the country or the spontaneous sports and fitness trend among the people, more and more people are devoting themselves to badminton, which directly gave birth to badminton halls and buildings around the world.

However, to have a good sports experience, venue lighting is very important. So how can we choose the appropriate badminton court lighting fixtures, what are the lighting standards for badminton courts?

The size of the badminton court is rectangular, 13.40 meters long, 6.10 meters wide for doubles, and 5.18 meters wide for singles. There must be no obstacles more than 2 meters around the field and within 9 meters above. There should be a distance of 2 meters between any two parallel fields. The lighting of the badminton court should also be professionally designed according to the overall planning of the venue, and the venue lighting is required to have anti-glare devices.

For modern badminton courts, a good lighting environment can meet people’s sports needs. Badminton games are mostly played indoors, avoiding the influence of external wind factors, but also limited by lighting, so the lighting environment of indoor badminton courts is very important.

The lighting methods of badminton halls usually include natural lighting, artificial lighting and mixed lighting that use both at the same time. No matter which style of play is used in modern badminton courts, it must be designed according to the overall planning of the venue, so that athletes in the court can accurately judge the badminton trajectory, and then make predictions and counterattacks.

For professional indoor badminton court lighting, it is difficult for ordinary lamps to achieve ideal lighting effects. Professional lighting fixtures have the advantages of high light efficiency, soft light effect, and no glare, which can fully illuminate the entire venue.

AIKO LED badminton court lights have high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, and good anti-glare treatment. The beautiful and elegant shape of the lamp body will make the whole venue look more high-end. AIKO can also be configured according to different venues to achieve personalized design, while maintaining excellent performance in terms of no glare, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life. This is also the direct reason why many badminton courts in the industry have successively cooperated with AIKO.

In the field of badminton court lighting, it is right to choose AIKO LED court lighting. AIKO can not only help you with venue lighting design, but also lighting installation and debugging, lighting calculation, etc. You just need it, I just happen to be professional! Welcome to consult.

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