What are the benefits of optimizing stadium lighting?

In various sports competitions, the requirements for venue and stadium lighting are very strict. I believe that friends who love sports are also concerned about these. The lighting equipment of the stadium will not only affect the users, but also the audience. What are the benefits of improving stadium lighting?

At present, all kinds of sports venues need lighting equipment. Unlike ordinary household lighting equipment, stadium lighting equipment has higher requirements. Not only the uniformity of lighting brightness and the reliability of power supply should be considered, but also the layout of the site should be considered. Consider whether it will cause glare, so the lighting standards of the venue are relatively high.

  1. The light distribution problem of sports venue lighting: the stadium lighting adopts the concept of asymmetric equal illuminance optics, so that the color distribution of lighting fixtures is uniform, the illuminance is uniform, and the brightness is uniform.
  2. The glare problem of LED stadium lighting: glare will not only affect the game, but also affect the viewing effect. When designing the lighting equipment, considering the glare problem, we improved the color of the lighting and adjusted the high light source and color rendering. The installation height and angle of the lamps are also factors that can control the glare problem, so it is also necessary to adjust to the best position when installing the equipment.
  3. Energy saving: LED packaging technology, modular design, integrated structure of heat dissipation, light distribution, and lamp housing. The power of a single module can reach 200W, which greatly reduces the production difficulty and material cost, and also reduces the manufacturing cost.

The above is about the benefits brought about by the optimization of lighting equipment in sports venues. When we choose lighting equipment for sports venues, we must also fully consider the lighting needs of different venues.

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