What is the Benefits of LED High Mast Lighting?

High mast lighting is a kind of site lighting fixture which is always used to brighten up large areas at a extremely high height on poles. The large areas are normally highways, container yards, truck stops, port container facilities, military installations, large industrial areas, interchanges, parking lots, airports, rail yards, toll plazas, security lighting, large areas like stadiums or sports arenas etc. The high mast lighting are always installed on 12 meters to 45 meters along with 2 lighting fixtures to 48 lighting fixtures per pole.

80% of above mentioned arenas are still lighted by conventional high mast lighting fixtures, like HID(high intensity discharge lamps), HPS(high pressure sodium lamps) or MH(Metal Halide) lamps with high power consumption, short lamp life and high cost of maintenance.

FAQ about Why to Change to LED High Mast Lighting?

What are the most frequent problems of the traditional high mast lighting fixtures?

All traditional high mast lighting fixtures got some same issues for end users and contractors for outdoor lighting application management.

High Power Consumption

The conventional HID lamps, HPS, MH lamps are normally 400W to 2000W. As we know, the more power, the higher consumption which is not friendly to the environment. Let’s say LED 1200W equals to 2000W HID/MH/HPS, for a soccer filed with 48pcs 2000W HPS, if we switch to LED, it will be 20000Wx48-1200Wx48=38,400W which means we can save 38.4Kwh per hour and saves 112,128Kwh per year. The electricity bill could be saving up to $12,500.00 yearly.

Maintenance cost

Maintenance costs are always one of the most important part for evaluating the complete project cost of industrial site lighting applications. It is installed at high height, the contractors must to consider what if the floodlighting failed. They need hire at least one electrician and one forkfit to repair or replace it. It will cost at least $500 for one time. Thanks for the low failure rate of LED floodlighting and long lifespan of 100,000 hours. It can save the replacing cost at up to $2000 per LED floodlighting rather than traditional HID lamps. So it is a great replacement for HID lamps.

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