Having been in the sports lighting business for 11 years, I’ve found that real stadium operators love these stadium lights!

In the year of 2021, China’s LED industry effectively made up for the supply gap caused by the global epidemic, further highlighting its advantages as a manufacturing center and supply chain hub.
In 2022, it is expected that the global LED industry will see a further increase in market demand under the influence of the “normalization of epidemic prevention and control.”The LED industry” will have a good development trend, and the price will show a rising trend.

The main reasons are:

1,Under the impact of COVID-19, the tension between supply and demand of raw materials has led upstream and downstream manufacturers of the industrial chain to adjust raw material prices to varying degrees.

2,Affected by the Sino-US trade friction, the phenomenon of “lack of cores” has spread in China, and many related manufacturers have increased investment in research and development of products in 5G and other fields, compressing the original production capacity of the LED industry, which will further lead to rising raw material prices.

3,The increase in logistics and transportation costs, the cost of raw materials has also increased.

As far as we can see, lighting plate price trend will not abate in the short term.  However, from the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, the price rise is conducive to the optimization and upgrading of product structure and the improvement of product value.

Advances in lighting technology have also made LED operating costs more attractive than ever, as advanced lighting systems can reduce operating costs, resulting in overall savings

AIKO Lighting, which has been focusing on the field of LED sports lighting with 11 years of technical accumulation and patent advantages, AIKO LED stadium lighting has spread all over the world; major school sports venues; large arena; UEFA and Olympic swimming pool and other types of sports venue.

When the lighting of sports venues becomes softer, glare-free, flicker-free, and smarter, people will come out of traditional sports cognition and enjoy the joy of sports in a high-quality lighting environment.


01 Customized Intelligent lighting control system can achieve dimming and remote control.

02 Patent Private model design, with independent heat dissipation system, high heat dissipation efficiency.

03 Optimized optical design, soft light, anti-glare treatment on optical components, effectively prevent glare.

04 The drive power adopts international famous brand, built-in multiple protection, which make the lamp more stable and have a longer life;

05 International High reputation lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, good color rendering, consistent color temperature, and a life span of more than 50,000 hours.

AIKO has added more vitality to the international sports lighting brand market, and will provide strong support for high-quality sports venues with high-quality lighting in the future.

AIKO Lighting

Contact: info@aikoled.com

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