What are the Standards for Football Stadium Lighting?

For many outdoor football stadiums, it is necessary not only to have comfortable grass conditions, but also to be equipped with bright lighting fixtures. Then the players will have clear vision when they play football.

Football players can easily feel uncomfortable if the lighting fixtures installed do not meet the standard regulations. Players need to be aware of where the ball is at all times, and substandard lighting can particularly interfere with the experience of playing football.

What are the standards for football stadium lighting? Football stadium lighting standard specifies the standard requirements of lighting fixtures according to the use function of football field. There are approximately seven levels: 200lx for training & entertainment activities, 500lx for amateur games, 750lx for professional games, 250lx for normal TV broadcasts, 1400lx for HD TV broadcasts for large international games and 750lx for TV emergencies.

250W, 1000W LED flood light is usually selected as the football stadium lighting fixtures. Close to the audience, the lighting fixtures will be installed at the edge of the auditorium, generally installed above the light pole. If the lamp poles are installed on the sides of the football stadium, the total number of lighting fixtures and power will be confirmed according to different standards of different football fields.

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