AIKO Lighting Co., Ltd.

AIKO Lighting have been part of the high-power lighting industry for the past 11 years, with a focus on sports lighting. From the engineering inquiry until the completion of project installation, we keep in constant communication with our clients throughout the entire process.

AIKO Lighting is aimed to be the world-class sports lighting and high mast lighting manufacturer and supplier. With designing, engineering, procurement and execution backed up by our own sports and high mast lighting manufacturing plant, AIKO is in a position to offer turnkey solutions for any sports lighting requirement in the overseas market.

AIKO Lighting factory

With 2 manufacturing plants, one is located in Shenzhen, the other is located in Guangzhou. There are four main product lines, sports lighting, high mast lighting, street lighting and grow lighting. To learn more about AIKO Lighting, please visit About US Link


– Up to 1800W, 24,3000lm
– Minimum 12° which could be used for professional stadiums
– A60 0 tilit ies available 
– No spill light solution available
– Asymmetric and symmetric lighting distributions
– AkozNobel coating proction
– 1000hours salt spray testing
– SAA, CE, ENEC, CB approved

– TLCI>90, Broadcast Ready for >1000fps, HD丨4K丨8K, enable TV

broadcasters to film super-slow-motion replays with a flicker factor


– Engineered by adopt seamless link of advanced Free-form optics

– Optics deisgned with unique “mlti scales lenses” to make uniform light

distribution and glare-reducing.

– High transmittance PC cover, anti-UV, IK08 protective grade, prevent

LED chips vulcanization and dust accumulation on the lens.

– Symmetrical light distribution enhancing uniformity of vertical and

horizontal, meanwhile reducing light spill espcially back pole light in

residential area.

apollo high mast lighting

– One to one direct replacement of 1000 Watt HPS

– Low maintenance cost

– Advanced technology to get high efficacy

– Tempered glass optional

– LM6 Aluminum

– Robust cast aluminum housing with 2,000 hour salt spray rated finish

– Rotating optical assembly provides application design flexibility

– Multiple lighting distribution for roadways and areas

Royal LED Street Lighting

  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
  • LEDIL optical lenses
  • High illumination performance, up to 165Lm/W
  • Class I & Class II
  • Surge protection 10KV
  • Significant energy and maintenance savings
  • Supporting NEMA and Zhaga Photocell
  • Tool-free maintenance
  • 7 year warranty
  • The power supply adopts a modular design, which can be quickly replaced, reducing maintenance costs
  • The sleeve adopts a universal design, the same sleeve can be compatible with both horizontal and vertical installation, and the angle can be adjusted by plus or minus 15 degrees

AIKO Lighting have been finished 4 UEFA stadium projects and 1 Olympic Games project and 100+ school sports facilities projects in United States.

UEFA Stadium Lighting Project (3)
UEFA Stadium Greece

Advanced testing facilities

IP66 testing facility
25meters IES testing room
IES testing room
salt spray testing facility

Full Certificates and Test Reports

We have UL, CB, ENEC, LM79, TM21, ISTMT, LM82, LM80, CE, RoHs for most of our products. 


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