What are the lighting requirements for football

Appropriate sports pitch lighting is critical for safety and gratifying experience of participants in football pitch fields. Players would like to enjoy the game while spectators would like to watch matches with clear vision. There are number of different classes and differential parameters depending on whether pitches are indoor or outdoor. Lighting standards are also different in diverse areas, and requirements of football fields vary from country to country. The IES provides criteria for sports fileds called “Recommended Practice for Sport and Recreation Area Lighting”.

LED sports luminaires is becoming the preferred options of lighting system because of the long lifespan, energy efficiency and low maintenance. AIKO is the ideal sports LED fixture manufacturers for your football pitch fields.

Illumination uniformity across the entire sprots pitch and in all UEFA reference points plays a key role in stadium lighting system. It can be defined as how light is distributed uniformly across a given reference plane. The UEFA requires stadium illumination to have a uniformity level between 0.5 and 0.7. This parameter is based on a scale of 0 to 1 that indicates how uniformly light is distributed. It’s an important factor since irregular lighting can irritate players’ and spectators’ eyes. With proper illumination, audience will have a more pleasant experience as they’re clear about how wonderful the game is and players can judge the height and landing point of the all more accurately to improve their game performance.

CRI is the ability to reflect the true color of the item. The closer the color rendering index is to 100, the more natural the colors of product will appear. Fixtures with high CRI can not only promote accuracy for players to judge the track of ball, the location of themselves and surrounding environment, but also offer a clearer vision for spectators.

AIKO sports lighting provides free lighting designs and customized lighting solution.

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