AIKO Airport Lighting Project Sharing—ARES High Mast Lighting

AIKO LIGHTING focuses on outdoor high -power and large area illumination. We have completed one successful case after another. In addition to being used in sports facilities, AIKO ARES can also be used in high mast lighting.

Easy to install, durable, beautiful appearance, and energy saving are great” — This is our client’s comment on AIKO’s ARES.

As we know, if it is a retrofit project, if the pole cannot be changed, then a compact LED fixture will help customers solve many problems. Especially the installation method, simple and convenient, light weight, friendly to light poles, etc. are very important.

Here are some installation pictures of AIKO ARES for your reference.

Replacing traditional light sources with LEDs is a hot trend, especially in some energy-scarce countries. Choosing AIKO’s ARES can help you save labor and energy, and make your project stand out in the market.


 -Durability in harsh environments with IP66, IK10 protection, high UV-resistant & corrosion-resistant.

-A variety of light distribution from ultra-small to large angle, fit for different applications.

-Self-cleaning function with unique product structure design.

-High output voltage and low electric current driver, allowed to use smaller cable and longer wiring for external driver solution.

-The input voltage can be matched with 45V, 90V and 180V with different wiring modes.

-Perfect event light control with 0-10V/ PWM/ BLUETOOTH/ DALI/ DMX intelligent control systems.

-Life expectancy over 100,000 hours.

-Ultra light weight, using aviation aluminum.

Various application scenarios:

Football court, Soccer court, Tennis court, Basketball court, Badminton court, Golf court, Large Area Industrial, Truck Stops, Airports, Ski court, Toll Plazas etc.

Our professional internal team can formulate the most suitable plan for you according to your project, please contact us to get a plan and quotation, let us see what AIKO Lighting can do for you!


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