The Significance of Road Lighting Engineering

Roads are one of the important infrastructure of a city. Now, with the rapid development of society, in addition to the road driving part of the functional lighting, but also to the road on both sides of the green belt and building lighting. Therefore, the decorative function of road lighting project is gradually paid attention to.

Road lighting project not only plays an important role in ensuring traffic safety and maintaining social security, but also beautify and brighten the city appearance and decorate the urban night scene environment. Each city has its own style, whether it is the lighting of squares and main and secondary roads in large urban areas or the style of streets and buildings in small cities.  While giving full play to the role of urban lighting environment, it is particularly important to highlight the role of decoration environment and achieve the harmonious unity of functionality and decoration.

So lighting and beautification should choose which point as the focus of road lighting design? Or can we achieve functional, decorative and economic integration? In fact, there is a unified relationship between them, but there is more opposition relationship. This requires designers to seek unity in opposition. In addition, AIKO Lighting will design a variety of schemes according to the requirements of different cities in order to achieve the best effect.

Smart Street Lighting

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