The Importance of Stadium Lighting

For a modern stadium, not only the requirements of good-looking building appearance, with all kinds of perfect sports equipment, but also good lighting environment. That is, there are appropriate and uniform illumination and brightness, ideal light color, no glare and other requirements. Stadium lighting should be able to meet the audience’s good viewing effect, to ensure the lighting requirements of referees, players and competition items as well as good TV effect. Lighting relies on the function of light to ensure that the light acts on the glasses of players, referees and spectators to produce a vision, so that they can see everything on the ground of the stadium. Therefore, good lighting plays an important role in modern stadiums.

Generally, the following three factors should be considered in the stadium lighting design:

  1. To meet the visual requirements of players in sports competitions, and to minimize the objective influence of lighting on the competition.
  2. To meet the visual requirements of the audience, and to minimize the discomfort caused by the lighting when watching the game.
  • To meet the lighting requirements of TV transmission, improve the quality of transmission as much as possible.

Lighting is closely related to the requirements of sports events and the viewing effect of the audience. A stadium without good lighting facilities is an incomplete stadium, which will seriously affect its use function. In the field of stadium lighting, AIKO Lighting has many years of professional experience in R&D, design and production. Please choose AIKO Lighting, we will provide you with a wonderful stadium lighting solution.

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