The Importance of LED Stadium Lights to Premier League Stadiums

The English Premier League is the highest level professional football league under the English Football Association, formerly known as the English Football League. It is one of the “Five Major Leagues of European Football” and consists of 20 teams.
The English Premier League has always been considered one of the best leagues in the world, with fast pace, fierce competition and many strong teams. It is the most commercially successful league and the football league with the highest income in the world. So, what is the importance of LED stadium lights to the English Premier League stadium?

Energy efficiency
We can choose sustainable and energy-efficient lighting designs that meet the best lighting standards set by FIFA. Compared with high pressure sodium lamps, halogen lamps or metal halide lamps, LED is the best lighting source. The energy power of AIKO Lighting’s LED stadium lights is three times that of traditional old lights, but the energy consumption is only one-third of that of old lights.

Flicker free lighting
HD and 4K broadcasts are very common. If stadium lights do not have anti-flicker technology, there will be noticeable flicker caught on speed cameras. Our LED stadium lights have the most advanced LED chips, which can reduce the flicker rate to the lowest, which can be ignored by the naked eye or any slow motion camera.

Steady Lighting and Switching
Steady lighting means that the brightness should remain consistent throughout the game. Even after a month of lighting, the brightness of the LED remains constant. That’s because LEDs don’t generate much heat.

You must be equipped with the most professional equipment, AIKO Lighting will use its own expertise to provide you with more suitable led floodlights. If you have more questions or needs, please consult We will reply you within 24 hours.

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