Eight Reasons University Recreational Facilities Are Upgrading to LED Lighting

Not all college recreation facilities are indoors. Outdoor sports fields and ball fields are a staple of the college scene. LED lighting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the first choice for all types of collegiate recreational facilities.

Instant start function
Unlike other types of recreational lighting, LED lighting does not require a warm-up period. University recreational facilities are not in use 24 hours a day, if someone wants to use them the lights will come on at full intensity when turned on. This allows you to turn off the lights when the facility is not in use without sacrificing light quality when needed.

Improved versatility allows for more facility use
LEDs are a versatile light. It can be used for all types of sporting events because it can accurately render colors, resist damage from impact by water, and produce no glare. This means that university recreation facilities can use LED lighting for a wide range of applications.

Longer service life reduces maintenance costs
Recreational facilities tend to have high ceilings to accommodate all the activities that take place inside. High ceilings require lifts and labor effort when light bulbs need to be replaced. For these facilities, LED lighting will last much longer than HID and HPS lighting, so you will spend less time and effort maintaining your lights. This can save your school even more money.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs
Spending money on recreational facilities is difficult for colleges on a tight budget, but students need them for a well-balanced education. LED lighting can save up to 65% of energy, allowing the university to save a little energy in this important part of the campus. Plus, LED lighting doesn’t heat up your facility like other lighting options, so you don’t need additional cooling energy to keep your entertainment facility at a comfortable temperature.

Can operate in extreme temperatures
LED playground lights can withstand extreme temperatures. LED playground lights are ideal for hot weather because they are less likely to overheat and blow out, or add extra unnecessary heat to the area where they are used.

Reduce eye fatigue
LED stadium lights, typically emitting light with a color temperature of 5700°K. This is close to the color spectrum of the midday sun, so it allows the human eye to work and see objects better.

Halogen lights have traditionally been less expensive, and they do provide reasonable light levels. But bulbs often have problems. Once it blows up, you’ll be forced to stop working to replace it, which affects income and productivity.

Despite the higher initial cost, LEDs reduce energy use, which reduces operating costs and helps prevent costly downtime.

More Powerful Features and New Uses
Unlike HPS or MH lights, LED lights do not require warm-up and can be dimmed. Schools use LEDs to create smart lighting systems that can be brightened when students or players are present and dimmed when not needed.

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