The difference between led stadium lights and ordinary lights

Stadium lights have been getting a lot of attention since the led boom. The reason is that the market has a strong demand for stadium lights. The original ordinary lamps are difficult to meet the current lighting needs. No stadium lights can cause confusion when training or attending an event at night. The difference between led stadium lights and ordinary lights is reflected here. The former can make up for the defects and insufficiencies of ordinary lamps, and derive different types of lamps, just to get closer to the needs of customers at the current stage. The characteristics that attract customers are as follows.

  1. Long distances through the night

There is no need to delve into the working principle of LED stadium lights, just remember that it can quickly penetrate the night. In other words, led stadium lights can illuminate a long distance, far beyond the user’s psychological expectations. You know, most stadiums themselves are huge and take up a lot of space. If stadium lights are not installed in time, it will be difficult to take into account the dead spots and corners hidden in the dark.

  1. Highlights are soft and not dazzling

The features that attract customers of led stadium lights include soft and not dazzling lights. Imagine a stadium with all kinds of activity. If you play basketball or football, you will inevitably see where the light source is. If the light is too dazzling, it will bring long-term discomfort to users. This is also a scene that customers do not want to witness, and it is urgent to reverse the unfavorable situation.

  1. Splicing according to the size of the court

The characteristics of led stadium lights to attract customers also include the order of arrangement. The above-mentioned stadiums themselves vary in size. On this basis, the demand for stadium lights is also different. It is necessary to arrange the stadium lights into a reasonable state, such as expanding and increasing the number of stadium lights, until the use needs are met.

The characteristics of led stadium lights to attract customers are mainly reflected in the above aspects. After mastering this part, it will become more targeted in the subsequent procurement stage. Here, I suggest that consumers clarify the current demand points of the stadium before formal purchase, and then choose lamps with high suitability among similar stadium lights. This is the correct way.

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