More and more sports venues choose LED sports lighting, what are its advantages?

What are the advantages of LED sports lighting system? Many sports venues, especially large ones, are scrambling to choose LED sports lighting systems.

  1. High color rendering, high light efficiency, no flicker, better meet the requirements of TV broadcasting;

A.For large gymnasiums, sports are high-speed sports. Athletes need to make accurate judgments on high-speed balls. Sufficient brightness and true color reproduction are particularly important; when playing on TV, in order to ensure a clear playback picture, it must have high color rendering, no flicker, and high brightness; the LED sports lighting system has an instant lighting function. That is, it can reach full brightness without waiting, while the metal halide lamp needs to wait for 5 minutes to reach full brightness, and the restart time is longer. LED lamps have the function of eliminating flicker, and the TV broadcast that eliminates flicker through LED sports lighting can be played without flicker at a speed of 20,000 frames per second. Viewers are able to capture every second of playback in detail. This is especially noticeable during slow motion playback. In addition to eliminating flicker, LED motion lighting also balances warm and cool colors, making images on your TV appear brighter and clearer. There is virtually no glare or spill light, so motion is crisp and smooth.

B.For commercial venues, a comfortable lighting environment can allow sports enthusiasts to stay longer;

  1. Can give athletes and spectators a more satisfactory visual experience;
  2. Better anti-glare effect and precise light distribution;

Excellent anti-glare control of LED sports lights; rich, precise and high utilization of light distribution methods;

  1. The energy-saving effect is obvious, the service life is long, and the maintenance cost is low; the operating cost is greatly reduced;

With the advancement of lighting technology, LED sports lighting has a prominent energy-saving effect, saving more than 60% energy than traditional metal halide lamps; and the service life of LED sports lighting exceeds 50,000 hours, which is several times that of metal halide lamps. Achieve zero maintenance for five years, saving a lot of maintenance costs compared with metal halide lamps.

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