The difference between LED lights RGB and RGBW

LED light beads  decide the light color whether is monochrome or multi-color ,the light bead with multi-color function is mainly through  the diversification of electric current to control the light color of the led light.

The color of Red , Green , Blue or even any  visible light color can be achieved according to control electric.The color change control of the whole lamp, and the various arrangement and combination of the lamp beads of different light colors on the substrate can achieve different light effects.

After we know the  principle of the LED light beads, so what is  the difference of RGB and RGBW

RGB color is mainly controlled by DMX, RGB represents the color of three channels, R represents red, G represents green and B represents blue. This standard is one of the most widely used color systems at present. When these three colors are superimposed on each other, a variety of colors can be obtained. For example, in LED lamps, computers, television, mobile phones, LED display and other industries are reflected.

In RGBW, on the basis of the original RGB three primary colors, a white pixel W is added to form RGBW four-color pixels. RGBW has two technical advantages: one is that the power consumption of the same brightness is lower, and the other is that the same power consumption can achieve higher brightness. Therefore, lighting manufacturers are also very interested in this technology, because it fundamentally reduces the power consumption of LED lamp beads, and the brightness can reach the previously required power consumption level. It can greatly reduce power consumption and effectively save power resources. The light transmission of RGBW is better than that of RGB, and the white pixels do not absorb a certain amount of light like RGB, so the light effect will be improved to a certain extent.

Difference: Therefore, RGBW is based on RGB plus white pixel W to form RGBW four-color pixel. RGBW is brighter and has better light transmission and lower power consumption than RGB. However, the purity and saturation of monochrome will be reduced.

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