Sports lighting/stadium lighting: know how to choose the ideal product

Choosing a sports lighting/stadium lighting is not only a matter of personal taste, but many important technical specifications must be considered in order to fully enjoy the benefits of the lighting project.

Adequate lighting of the stadium can provide players with a good view and meet the technical standards required by the venue, such as NBR 8995-1 of the Brazilian Technical Standards Association (ABNT).

In today’s post, we have chosen some tips on how to choose the ideal sports lighting/stadium lighting. Keep reading and learn more!

1.Pay attention to the cost of sports lighting/stadium lighting.

Good sports lighting/stadium lighting requires investment. It is not enough to install a light spot in every corner of the stadium and expect good results. In order to obtain a good level of lighting, it is necessary to purchase specific types of lamps. It is already possible to find cost-effective lamps, such as LED lighting. In addition to meeting the required technical standards, it is also an excellent choice in terms of energy efficiency and durability (between 20000 and 32000 hours).

2.Analysis of environmental applicability.

Good sports lighting/stadium lighting should take into account the uniformity of light on the course (no matter what kind of exercise), no glare, the height of the pole, appropriate hue of light and color fidelity (IRC > 75). Before installing the lighting sports lighting/stadium lighting, it is necessary to verify that the type of luminaire meets the needs of the environment. That’s because when choosing lamps and lanterns, you should not only consider savings, but also pay attention to some factors:

a.Lighting Type.

b.Product quality, installation and maintenance characteristics.

c.Luminous flux, that is, the amount of light emitted in lumens, the luminous efficiency of the product can be known.

It is worth noting that the lighting of the stadium should be uniform, with low glare and shadows. It needs to be consistent with the local movement.

3.Consider the project.

Before defining the lighting for the stadium, a good technical project must be prepared. It should contain several points, which will be the basis for sufficient selection: the length of the course, the height and number of poles on which lights should be installed, and where to check power, start angle and other important features.

It is still common for old stadiums to use metal halide lamps with a power of about 400 W. Although common, their use is not beneficial, providing an uneven distribution of light and consuming more electricity.

In a lighting project, all aspects will be defined, not only aesthetic, functional and economical, but also the sum of all the factors that can provide specific lighting use for each environment.

4.Carry out the necessary maintenance.

If you don’t have a good maintenance and preventive maintenance plan, there is no point in investing in a good technical lighting project.

To minimize problems, please continue to follow some tips:

Indoor courts benefit from high-performance reflectors with directional and uniform distribution. The instructions here are LED lights with quality lenses to guide the light.

Artificial lighting and natural lighting must be consistent, which is a challenge. It is recommended that lamps and lanterns be installed on the roof structure. In the open gymnasium, the lighting must be placed in the lighting tower around the stadium.

When there is a risk of being hit, lamps and lanterns should be placed as high as possible. In addition to being positioned to keep the light uniform.

The choice of Sports lighting is a key point of the project. Every detail must be analyzed in advance in order to obtain the maximum possible output at the lowest cost.

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