Qatar World Cup and football lighting

The 2022 World Cup has already begun and it is impossible to watch it in person, but the more vivid and vivid images on the TV screen can also feel the shocking atmosphere, thanks to the lighting of the stadium behind it, in fact, the lighting of the field has a significant influence on the comfort of the players and the TV broadcast of football matches. We will compare and learn about soccer lighting with the current FIFA, AFC, and sports lighting standards JGJ153-2016″Stadium lighting design and testing standards.”.

FIFA, Asian football lighting standards, China sports lighting standards

Comparison of evaluation indexes and requirements of sports lighting

Comparison and summary of indoor sports lighting evaluation indexes

Vertical illumination in the direction of the camera

The vertical illumination in the camera direction shall meet the requirements of all cameras on site. FIFA and the United States Football Association only stipulated the vertical lighting requirements of the mobile camera, without considering the requirements of the main camera on site.

A bitmap of the football stadium

The illumination schematic diagram of each station

Light ratio

The ratio of average horizontal to average vertical illumination shall be:

Stadium 0.75 ~ 1.80, Stadium 1.0 ~ 2.0.

The ratio of minimum vertical to maximum vertical lighting shall not be less than 0.3 in each of the four directions for each calculation point of the playing field, and shall not be less than 0.6 in the case of large-scale events broadcast on high-definition television.

≈ three-dimensional visual effects

FIFA and AFC put forward corresponding fixture installation position requirements based on 3D sensing, but this method did not consider the influence of fixture aiming point on 3D sensing.

≈ lamps installation location requirements (FIFA + AFC)

JGJ 153 states that the gradient of horizontal and vertical illuminance uniformity shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Television broadcasts: not more than 10% per 2m when the illuminance calculation and measurement grid is less than 5m; not more than 20% per 4m when the illuminance calculation and measurement grid is less than 5m;
  2. No TV broadcasts: not more than 50% per 5m.

≈ uniform gradient plot

The index corresponding to the illumination evenness gradient is the minimum adjacent evenness ratio (Maur) proposed by FIFA and AFC, with a prescribed minimum adjacent evenness ratio of 0.60. When Maur = 0.6, the uniformity gradient of the 2m measurement grid is 13% , indicating that JGJ153 has more stringent requirements on the uniformity gradient.

Coin calculator


When the scene game needs slow-motion or super-slow-motion playback, because of the light stimulation, the image is prone to jitter, so the light stimulation is particularly important in practical applications. At present, the proportion index of sports lighting set-top-box is mainly used to restrict sports lighting set-top-box.

Comparison of the limit values of δ standard stroboscopic ratio

Color temperature

In order to avoid the change of color temperature caused by the conversion of sunlight into artificial lighting, the color temperature of the light source should be close to the color temperature of sunlight.

≈ AFC required range of color temperature

Color rendering of light source

The color rendering of the light source is very important to the visual perception of the football match and the color effect of the video playing. The color rendering of the light source shall meet the following requirements:

TV lighting consistency index TLCI, QA ≥85; or


A dazzling light

Insufficient light in football field can cause visual discomfort of players, affecting the quality of video transmission.

The bright light of the football field

Light intensity, angle and ambient brightness together determine the degree of glare. JGJ153 uses glare index (GR) to evaluate glare, and lighting requirements for large football matches should not exceed 50.

This is why you should purchase Aiko’s top-of-the-line optical devices to improve the uniformity by as much as 0.9. Another endurance consideration is an anti-glare alternative that ensures uniformity.

Since the stadium will have tens of thousands of spectators, the lighting needs to be suitable for them to give the desired illumination. Reducing the glare of the stars will definitely see it, and their eyes won’t get stimulated as they enjoy a clear game view.

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