Soccer Lighting Guide

Introduction of Football/Soccer Lighting

Football/Soccer, full name Association Football is the world’s most popular sport, approximately played by 200million players in over 200 countries and dependencies.

Meanwhile, about 40%-50% games/entertainment of soccer/football played at night or at sunset which with no proper lighting for play. Therefore, sports lighting system

comes as an indispensable equipment for stadiums or community playground.

History of Football/Soccer Lighting

The first soccer/football to ever use flood lighting was polo. On the 18th of July 1878 a game was played in Fulham between Ranelagh Polo Club and the Hurlingham Club.

When coming of twentieth century, sports flood lighting was a requirement

For stadiums. After then, lighting technology improved. Metal halide and HPS

high power flood light getting popular because of high lumens output and long

Lifetime than old lighting.

But technology still keep improving, and people require better life as always.

Metal halide and HPS lamps can’t meet standards of HDTV/4K broadcast till today. LED becomes the best solution to upgrade the current sports lighting System.

first bulb of sports light

First Bulb of Sports Lighting

2000W Metal Halide

aiko 1800W led flood lighting


Technical Guide of Football Sports Lighting

According to “UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2016 ,The requirements in terms of the artificial illuminance of a football pitch are split into five illuminance levels of broadcast and non-broadcast level. When design the stadium sports lighting system, these aspects should be concerned as players and officials,

spectators, broadcasters and media also luminaire mounting positions.

different level of sports area

Technical Guide of Football Sports Lighting

1.Corners-column/tower floodlight array

2.Corners – linear floodlight array

corner-linear floodlights array

3.Pitch sides – luminaire mounting position

3.Pitch sides – luminaire mounting position

4.Luminaires’ focus point angle

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