Lighting for Small to Medium Size Sports Grounds

Many people have the wrong perception that small to medium size sports fields do not need professional sports lights. They only need to use ordinary floodlights to get enough illumination. They did not consider that whether it is a large-scale competition stadium or a small to medium size sports grounds, a good optical design is required to reduce the impact of glare on the eyes of athletes, and the impact of spilled light on residential areas. And, the lighting uniformity required by sports grounds is usually 60%-70%. In other words, for small to medium size sports grounds, not only the total illuminance must be considered, but also the uniformity of illuminance, and the impact of light on the athlete’s eyes and on the surrounding environment.

Our Falcon sports light is very suitable for small to medium size sports grounds. There are complete shading plates on both sides and above, which means that there is no upward or side light overflow, which makes better use of light.

And our excellent optical design, while ensuring the total illuminance and uniformity in the venue, well controls the back light.

As a single-module floodlight, Falcon is also more conducive to inventory. The same 1200w. Falcon only needs to prepare a single module, while other products with multiple modules need to be prepared more modules in the stock.

If you have lighting projects for small to medium size sports grounds, our Falcon stadium light is a good choice.

Falcon LED Sports Lighting

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