RGBW and RGBA FLood Lighting

In recently, more and more clients ask us to develop the high power RGBW/RGBA flood lights such as 600W, 1000W model.

Here we introduce the application of RGBW/RGBA flood lighting and our Harmony G3 series RGBW/RGBA flood light.

What is RGBA and RGBW flood light?

RGBA is with output color of red, green, blue, amber. RGBW is red, green, blue, white and usually the white color could be 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K.


Application of RGBW/RGBA flood light

The RGBW/RGBA flood light could be used in many places such as sports entertainment, buildings, bridge,parks,monuments.


AIKO Lighting RGBA/RGBW Flood Lighting Solution

Designed for both Indoor & Outdoor application, the Harmony LED and ARES RGBA/RGBW luminaires is suitable for Facade, Architural and Sports Lighting applications. The HARMONY and ARES delivers Simple, Smart and Easy-to-use-Full- Spectrum Color Flood Lighting Solutions that provide Advanced Functionality, Versatility and Operational Efficiency

Smart control design makes the Harmony able to creat any color light effect to improve spectators visual experience along with music playing to cheer up the thrilling moments.

RGBW floodlights

If you have any projects require high power RGBW/RGBA flood light, please feel free to contact us.

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