Remote Mounting Driver Box of 1500W Sports Lighting

There are many things to be considered when choosing a reliable sports lighting supplier, not only the quality and price of the product, but also how to reduce the maintenance cost.

Recently we delivered the remote mounting driver boxes along with 1500W sports lightings to one of our USA customers. The remote mounting driver boxes will be mounted 10ft(3m) above the ground. The location is aimed to help our customer to reduce the maintenance cost. The solution came from the largest sports lighting player in the world, MUSCO. We are always trying to provide more cost-effective solutions for the complete project for our partners.

Remote Driver Box

The remote mounting driver box contains all the necessary components to operate the luminaire. Built-in mounting hardware allows easy installation of the galvanized steel poles. Quick connect plugs fasten to the wire harness.


– Made of aluminum alloy. The remote mounting driver box have anti-corrosion surface treatment to qualified with the 1000 hours of salt spray testing.
–  40KA surge protection devices provide phase protection.
– Overload/short circuit protection. It prevents equipment and other damages caused by short circuits in the load.
– High power factor >0.97, 60% energy saving than normal items.

AIKO is specialized in high wattage up to 2400W LED sports lighting, flood lighting & high mast lighting with 11 years of experience. Customized products are available as per your project requirements. Please contact us with any questions

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