High Mast Lighting

1. What is high mast lighting?

It is used in places that require large-area lighting. The poles where the lighting equipment is installed are usually at least 30 m high, and the lighting equipment consists of a lighting ring surrounding the pole, and one or more independent lighting fixtures installed around it.

High Mast Flood Lighting

2.The application of high mast lights:

Suitable for large areas of concentrated lighting, such as: city squares, docks, highways, stadiums, etc.

3. Advantages of LED high mast lights:

  • Significant environmental protection effect, no mercury pollution, no ultraviolet radiation, short response time, etc.
  • The effective luminous flux of LED lamps is 1.94-2.8 times that of metal halide lamps, with higher CRI and more energy saving

4.What do we need to consider when distributing the luminaries?

With LED high mast lighting, we are not only concerned with how much light we get, but also to avoid light pollution. Now, with the help of LED, we can use optical lenses, allowing us to more precisely place the light where we need it. If there are houses nearby, you don’t want to disturb them.


With LED opening up a new world, dimming control LED has become a reality, you can save energy by turning off the lights automatically or dimming the lights according to the time.

The intelligent lighting control system can make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state, and the system will automatically engage according to the set time. In addition, the illuminance of each area can be changed by programming to meet different venue requirements.

When you need to choose a supplier for a high mast light project, the quality of the products is not the only need to consider, a supplier who really understands the actual site can reduce a lot of maintenance costs for you every year. 

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