Optimal Illumination with Forward Throw Optics and Anti-Glare Technology

AIKO is a leading provider of tennis court lighting solutions, and their Harmony G3 series has been specifically designed for tennis courts. These lights come with forward throw optics that ensure that the center of the court is as well-lit as the edges. This is crucial for players who need to track the ball accurately and for audiences who need to follow the game with ease.

The forward throw optics are designed to project light forward onto the court, rather than under the pole. This ensures that there are no dark spots on the court, and the light is evenly distributed. This feature is particularly useful in larger courts where it can be difficult to achieve uniform illumination.

Another key feature of the Harmony G3 series tennis court lights is the anti-glare technology. The lights have been designed to have a 0° tilt angle, which means that they are installed parallel to the ground. This reduces glare and minimizes the risk of players and audiences getting dazzled by the light. The anti-glare technology is particularly important for night games where the lights are the primary source of illumination.

The Harmony G3 series lights have been designed to provide the best possible results with the minimum number of sports lights. This makes them cost-effective and practical for most schools and recreational applications. Whether you’re setting up a new tennis court or upgrading your existing lighting, the Harmony G3 series has options that meet your needs.

AIKO offers both cost-competitive and performance options for tennis courts. The cost-competitive options are designed to provide basic illumination and are ideal for schools and community tennis courts. The performance options, on the other hand, offer superior illumination and are perfect for professional and competitive games.

In conclusion, the AIKO Harmony G3 series tennis court lights are an excellent choice for anyone looking to illuminate their tennis court. The forward throw optics, anti-glare technology, and cost-effective options make them practical and efficient. Whether you’re a school, a community center, or a professional tennis club, the Harmony G3 series has options that meet your needs.

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